Upcoming Smartphones in 2014 year by Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, Lenovo

Upcoming Smartphones in 2014 year by Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, Lenovo information has been given here. Today, smartphone has changed way and living style of common man who didn’t know much about technology. Now, most of people prefers to purchase smartphones which have best functionalists like high speed processor, large memory space, big screen, high definition, increased mega pixel camera, advanced operating system and much more.

Now, Smartphone market is not dominant by some players. It is open market and much competitive in the World. Apple and Samsung are the key competitor in Smartphone 2014 year. Apple will release lots of new smartphones in future. While Samsung launches smartphones every month with new features and lots of other facilities. So, it is very difficult to see which company is going to win this battle of market share.

1. List of Upcoming Release / Launch in Future Smartphones by Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony, Lenovo, Micromax, Maxx and other companies in 2014

Galaxy S V
Galaxy S IV
Waterproof Smartphone (Not named)
Merrified Smartphone by Intel
Phablet iPhone
iPhone 6
Sony Xperia Yuga

Already lots of customers around the World waiting for amazing smartphones in 2014 year. We have also created separate category to cover smartphones news, new models with latest features information here. Smartphones generally sold in developed countries as well as fastest growing nations i.e. United States of America (USA), England, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, India, China, France, Norway, Germany, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and lots of other countries.

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