Top Ten 1st April Fool Day 2016 Pranks Ideas Practical Funny Jokes

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Top Ten 1st April Fool Day 2016 Pranks Ideas

Fake phone calls pranks is the best pranks for play on april fools pranks 2016. It is an amazing trick to play to your friends, kids, professors, teachers, girl friends, boy friends, lovers on the april fools day 2016. Call your friend and introduce as cinema artist or a famous politician. Then play tricks and last say the matter.

It is the prank best forever. You change the keys of computer keyboard of your friend an incorrect order. Wait for the person switch on the computer. Then see the prank.

This pranks is play on friends mobile. Divert the call boyfriend to any of your girl friends. The other friend call the person your girl friend will answer the call. Then watch the scene. See the pranks on april fools day.

Invite any of your friends to your home. Then make drinks for him. Add salt in to that drink. Serve it. Then see a wonderful pranks on april fools day 2016.

This prank is play on your house or others. On the morning change time to one hour faster. Then call your sister, brother, classmates, and say his time is too late. He will suddenly wake and hurry up for going to office or colleges. Last say today is April fool 2016.

Add some salt powder on the tooth brush of your classmates, brothers, sisters. Then see the pranks on the next morning.

Change the shoes of your friends and place a small shoe in that place. See the comedy.

Change the books of one friend with other. Then see the comedy in the next morning.

Call any of your friends and say fake news. Last say today is April fools day. You are the first fools in April fool’s day 2016.

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