Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses in 2015-2016 List – Most Wealthiest Actress

Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses in 2015-2016 List – Most Wealthiest Actress information & details has been provided here. Hollywood is one of the most popular film industry in the World. It provides highest enjoyment and entertainment in the World. There are hundreds of actors and actresses who works in the the Hollywood film industry. Let’s see here list of richest and wealthiest Hollywood Actress of the United States of America.

Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses in 2015-2016 List

1. Julia Roberts
Net Worth : US$145 Million
Birthdate : 28th October, 1967
Popular Films : Pretty Woman, Larry Crowne, Notting Hill and more

2. Drew Barrymore
Net Worth : US$130 Million
Birthdate : 22nd February, 1975
Popular Films : Whip It, 50 First Dates, Big Miracle and others.

3. Angelina Jolie
Net Worth : US$125 Million
Birthdate : 4th June, 1975
Parents : Jon Voight, Marcheline Bertrand
Popular Movies : Original Sin, Mr & Mrs Smith, Salt, Taking Lives & more.

4. Jennifer Aniston
Net Worth : US$120 Million
Born : 11th February, 1969 at Los Angeles, USA
Popular Movies : Horrible Bosses, Wanderlust, The Break-up and others.

5. Sandra Bullock
Net Worth : US$90 Million
Born : 26th July, 1964
Popular Movies : The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, All About Steve and Others.

6. Reese Witherspoon
Net Worth : US$85 Million
Born : 22nd March, 1976
Spouse : Jim Toth
Popular Movies : This means war, Legally Blonde, Walk the Line and others.

7. Cameron Diaz
Net Worth : US$80 Million
Born : 30th August, 1972 at San Diego, the United States
Popular Movies : Bad Teacher, Knight and Day, The Holiday, Shrek and others.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker
Net Worth : US$75 Million
Born : 25th March, 1965 at Nelsonville, USA
Popular Movies : New Year’s Eve, The Family Stone, Failure to Launch and others.
Spouse : Matthew Broderick

9. Meryl Streep
Net Worth : US$50 Million
Born : 22nd June, 1949 at Summit
Spouse : Don Gummer
Popular Movies : The Iron Lady, Hope Springs, Mamma Mia and others.

10. Kristen Stewart
Net Worth : US$20 Million
Birthdate : 9th April, 1990 at Los Angeles, the United States
Popular Movies : Twilight, On the Road, New Moon and Eclipse
Awards won : MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss

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