Third World War Predictions of Nostradamus, 3rd World War Countries List

World has faced so many wars in past and still there are lots of wars will be fought between various countries. Nostradamus was the famous astrologer as well as future predictor. He has also predicted so many events in the world’s history. He was the best and most known astrologer in the history due to his exact predictions after so many centuries. For common man, it is very difficult to predict anything after some minutes or even seconds. While Nostradamus has predicted future of World after decades and centuries. So, it is one of the best astrologer in the history of the World. Let’s see some information on Third World War Predictions of Nostradamus – 3rd World War Countries List.

When the World War III will start in modern era? There is no perfect time for this as per our knowledge but its wrong by the Nostradamus. He has predicted some information on World War III. He has predicted that attack through flying bird on new city will create war between countries and exactly that happened and tension in the Middle east has been increased. There will be nuclear weapons will be used in the third world war and it will be very much not easy for everyone to survive from them.

Nostradamus Predictions for 3rd World War
Nostradamus Predictions for 3rd World War

From brick to marble, the walls will be converted,
Seven and fifty peaceful years:
Joy to mankind, the aqueduct renewed,
Health, abundant fruits, joy and honey-making times.
 Quatrain 10:89

One author David S. Montaigne predicted from this line that there will be world war III started in 2002 but it not happened. Now, let’s wait for what will happen in this world. I hope that my information on Third World War Predictions of Nostradamus – 3rd World War Countries List will be useful to all people worldwide. War is not good for all. So, let’s pray for a world without weapons and wars.

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