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How to Check American VISA Application Status Online for Indians – Tips & Guide

United States of America (USA) is the most important country for India. There are millions of Indians are already residing in the United States for various purposes like Education, Business, Profession, Diplomatic and others. From every corner of India, people apply for american VISA at various consulate generals in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and embassy which is situated at New Delhi. Daily thousands of citizens of India apply for American (USA) Visa for various purposes. So, most of wants to know/check/track/trace American (USA) VISA Status Online for Indians. So, I have written this article on tips & guide on How to Check American VISA Application Status Online for Indians. So, follow the steps which are given here.

How to Check American VISA Application Status Online for Indians

1. Open the Official Website of USA Embassy, New Delhi. Link is given here.

2. Now, you will see three different text boxes to enter your VISA case file number/reference number to track and trace your American VISA application status Online easily and quickly.

3. Example has been provided in the screenshot which is given here. Most of people who have applied for their USA VISA from India eagerly waiting for the approval of VISA. Now, they can easily track all this information to know their American VISA Application status online quickly and easily. There are various VISA issued by the Embassy like Tourist, Diplomatic, Business, Educational, Health and others. So, it is depend upon your case to obtain final approval of the higher authority.

I am recommending you to prepare yourself before VISA interview. It is one of the most important step to get VISA approval quickly and easily. You have to also mention valid reason for the VISA application in your file because embassy and consulate general daily receives thousands of such applications for VISA. So, it is better to prepare well to obtain your VISA fast and quickly.

If you are looking for address of American Embassy, then please visit this website.

I hope that my tips & guide on How to Check American VISA application Status Online for Indians.