Sindhi New Year Cheti Chand 2016 Messages Quotes Greetings

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Sindhi New Year Cheti Chand Messages Quotes Greetings

Sindhi New Year Cheti Chand 2016 Messages SMS Wishes

May dis Cheti Chand bring u new spirit,
New beginning nd new prosperity,
Wishing u Happy Cheti Chand.

With the start of new Sindhi year
May you smile always,
May you get success in all your endeavors
May you receive respect by all
May you be blessed with blessings of Almighty.
Happy Cheti Chand

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Sindhi aahiyu,
Sindhi galhayu,
sindhiyat ji jyot jagayu,
tabha sabhin khe
CHETRI CHANDRA ji lakh lakh wadhayu
Aayo lal Sabai Chao Julelal Dhiraj

Khilo sada khush thiyo,
Nandhan khe pyar kayo,
Vadhan kha pyar payo,
Lalan jo dihun ayo,
Khushiyun saan Cheti Chand malayo.

Bato gud Dhani bolo subh vani
Vani Cheti Chand ki subh kamnayeh,
Cheti Chand jyon lak lak wadayun athav,
Twah khi b Cheti Chand jyon lak lak wadayun athav.

From the eve of Cheti Chand..
May you shine like a star always,
May you be bright as sun
May you spread light soothing as moonlight
May with the glory of Jhulelal,
You have a wonderful life today and forever .
Happy Cheti Chand

Dinni Sy dilri khilandy khilandy haren rat thi,
Guzry rowandy natho mille jo hikro deenhun hu,
Laggy tho sadiyun guziriyun milandy jadahin,
Khaan hunn mokilayo ahe dil na thi thakje rahun,
Disandy kedo agty achi wayase sabaq wafa Jo, sikhandy.

Keep moving is an important lesson that Lord Varuna (God of water) teaches. Water flows unceasingly. If it stops, it becomes stagnant. Let us aim to be the free flowing pure water. Forget the past and start flowing with positive thoughts from this Cheti Chand.
Happy Cheti Chand.

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