Simple April Fools Day 2016 Pranks Funny Jokes Ideas

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Simple April Fools Day 2016 Pranks Funny Jokes Ideas

Stick a transparent image in someone’s car mirror which looks like their is a crack in the mirror.

Superglue some coins to the sidewalk where a lot of people walks. But you have to make sure it is an appropriate place to put coins, then just watch people breaking their fingernails to get the coins..!

Borrow mobile phone from friend and change the language setting to any foreign language.

If your office has only one entrance door then its a good idea to put a “Please Use Other Door” sign on the entrance door.

A simple and effective way is to put a balloon on the tailpipe of friend’s car so that when they start their car it will pop or blast like Tyre is punctured.

Buy some ladies underwear then write the name of co-worker’s of your company in them and leave them on the floor of the office bathroom.

If you are not getting anything to do then just switch the Push and Pull signs of the door of your office.

Most funny way is to swap the the men’s and ladies’ toilet signs before your victim is going for toilet.

Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set them alarm at very early times in the morning and hide them all around different places at your friend’s room before one day..!

One easy way that all can use just place a pair of shoes and pants inside the only toilet stall like someone is using it all day in a rest room.

Write ‘KICK ME HARD’ in the paper and then paste it in your friends back. So that everybody can make fun of him / her.

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