Ramadan Month 1 to 30 days Dua Prayer for Taraweeh

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Ramadan Month 1 to 30 days Dua Prayer for Taraweeh in English

1. Lord! Make my fast in it one of those who truly fast, my prayers those of who truly pray, and awaken me from the sleep of the inattentive, grant me forgiveness for my sins in it, O Lord of the Worlds, and do forgive me, O One Who forgives criminals.

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2. Lord! Bring me closer in it to your pleasure, enable me in it to avoid your anger and wrath, enable me to be in it to recite your verses with your mercy, O most merciful of those who have mercy!

3. Lord! Grant me in it intelligence and attentiveness, distance me in it from nonsense and concealment, allot for me a portion of everything good which you send down in it with your generosity, O most generous One!

4. Lord! Strengthen me in it to perform Your commands, enable me in it to taste the sweetness of mentioning Your Name, enable me in it to truly thank You with Your generosity, and safeguard me in it with Your safeguard and cover, O most seeing One!

5. Lord! Enable me in it to be among those who seek Your forgiveness, make me in it among Your righteous and adoring servants, and enable me to be one of Your close friends through Your compassion, O most merciful One!

6. Lord! Do not abandon me in it when I am exposed to transgressing Your limits, do not whip me with the whips of Your wrath, keep me away from whatever brings about Your anger with Your boons and assistance, O One Who is the ultimate end of the desirous.

7. Lord! Help me in it to fast and to pray as it is worth, help me avoid its slips and sins, and grant me in it to continuously remember You with Your enabling, O One Who guides those who stray!

8. Lord! Grant me in it mercy due to orphans, to be able to give away food, to disseminate the peace, to accompany the good ones through Your own favors, O haven of the hopeful!

9. Lord! Allot for me in it a portion of Your spacious mercy, guide me in it to Your glittering proofs, take my forelock to whatever achieves Your collective Pleasure through Your love, O hope of the eager ones!

10. Lord! Make me in it among those who depend on You, make me in it among the winners, and make me in it among those who are close to You with Your kindness, O ultimate end of the seekers!

11. Lord! Make me in it love benevolence, hate immorality and rebellion, and prohibit in it anger against me and the Fires with Your assistance, O One Who brings relief to those who plead for it!

12. Lord! Decorate me in it with a covering and with honors, shield me in it with the outfit of contentment and sufficiency, enable me in it to be just and fair, and bring me in it security against what I fear with Your protection, O Protector of the fearful!

13. Lord! Purify me in it from uncleanness and filth, enable me in it to be patient about whatever the fates bring, grant me success in it for righteousness and for the company of the kind ones with Your assistance, O apple of the eyes of the indigent!

14. Lord! Do not penalize me in it when I slip, protect me in it from sinning and slipping, and do not be an object to trials and tribulations with Your Dignity, O One Who safeguards the dignity of the Muslims!

15. Lord! Grant me in it the obedience of the devout, expand my chest in it with the return to You of those who abandoned You, through Your security, O One Who brings security to the fearful!

16. Lord! Grant me success in it to be in agreement with the kind ones, enable me in it to avoid the company of evildoers, enable me in it with your mercy to be lodged in the abode of eternity with Your Godhead, O Lord of the Worlds!

17. Lord! Grant me in it guidance to do good deeds, allot for me in it the fulfilment of needs and of aspirations, O One Who needs no explanation or queries, the One Who knows the innermost of the worlds, bless Muhammed and his pure Progeny!

18. Lord! Make me attentive in it to the blessings of his Sahar times, enlighten my heart in it with the light of its noors, make all my parts follow its tracks with your own Noor, O One Who brings the noor (light) to the hearts of those who know you!

19. Lord! Open for me in it the gates of the gardens, close from me in it the gates of the fires, and enable me in it to recite the Qur’an, O One Who sends down calm to the hearts of the faithful!

20. Lord! Guide me in it to earn Your Pleasure, do not let Satan find in it his way to me, and let Paradise be my home and eternal abode, O One Who fulfils the needs of those who plead!

21. Lord! Open for me in it the gates of Your favour, send down to me in it Your blessings, enable me in it to earn whatever brings about Your Pleasure, house me in it in the opulence of Your gardens, O One Who responds to the call of the compelled ones!

22. Lord! Wash my sins away in it, purify me from defects, and ascertain my heart in it with the piety of the hearts, O One who corrects the slips of the sinners!

23. Lord! I plead to You to enable me to achieve whatever pleases You, I seek refuge with You from whatever offends You, and I plead to You to grant me the ability to obey You and not to disobey, O most Generous One of all those to whom pleas are made!

24. Lord! Make me in it one who loves your friends, who is hostile to your foes, following the Sunnah of the Seal of Your Prophets, O One Who protects the prophets’ hearts!

25. Lord! Make my endeavour in it appreciated (by You), my sin it forgiven, my deed in it accepted, my defect in it covered, O most hearing of those who hear (pleas)!

26. Lord! Grant me in it the honor of Laylatul-Qadr, change my affairs in it from hardship to ease, accept my excuses, remove from the sin and its burden, O One who is affectionate towards His righteous servants!

27. Lord! Make my lot of Nafl (supererogatory) deeds in it abundant, honor me in it with the presence of pleas, bring my means towards You closer from among all means, O One Who is not distracted by the persistence of those who persist!

28. Lord! Overwhelm me in it with (Your) mercy, grant me in it success and protection, purge my heart of the depths of accusation, O most Merciful One of His believing servants!

29. Lord! Make my fast in it a means to thanking You and to accepting what You accept and what the Messenger accepts, its branches perfected through its principles, by the right of our Master Muhammed and his Pure Progeny, and all praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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