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How to Watch Mohi TV serial (Ek Khwaab Ke Khilne Ki Kahani) was first aired on 10th August, 2015 on Star Plus channel. Mohi TV serial is produced by White Horse Productions. The White Horse Productions is an international production company. In Mohi TV serial, Karan Sharma (lead actor) is playing role of Ayush and Vinita Joshi Thakkar (lead actress) as Mohi. Mohi TV serial story is based on love story of tribal girl. Mohi TV serial (Ek Khwaab Ke Khilne Ki Kahani) is an interesting story of simple village girl. She is a crave to be a successful doctor.


Cast Real Names

Vinita Joshi Thakkar as Mohi
Karan Sharma as Aayush
Rishima Roshlani as Anusha
Rakesh Kukreti
Shishir Sharma as Vinay
Shailesh Dattar
Tarun Khanna

Gauri Tonk as Rekha
Yogesh Mahajan
Shiju Kataria
Sonakshi More
Srishty Rode
Shubhangi Latkar
Nivedita Bhattacharya as Mohi’s Mother
Abhishek Pal as Deepak

Written Updates

Mohi TV serial written updates could be found by searching on Google “Mohi written updates <date>”.

How to Watch Live Steaming

To watch the live streaming of Mohi TV serial online, users should visit this website


Mohi TV serial (Ek Khwaab Ke Khilne Ki Kahani) story is based on love story of simple tribal girl in the village. Mohi (Ek Khwab Ke Khilne Ki Kahani) TV serial story is about a blossom dream girl. It is a triangle love story between Ayush, Anusha and Mohi. Ayush and Anusha lives in Pune. On the other hand, Mohi lives in a village, named Bhuvana. Mohi have a dream to become a doctor. Mohi use sun rays for a mirror reflection trick to light in her village.

Mohi’s innocent nature impressed to all people in her village, named Bhuvana. Ayush unfortunately come to the village of Mohi, they meet the first time in village. Ayush is working as a professional photo-journalist. Ayush is self-driven, valiant and passionate in his work.


The Wikipedia page of Mohi TV serial is

Timing/Schedule/Repeat Timing

Mohi TV serial airs from Monday to Saturday at 05:00 pm on Star Plus channel. Mohi TV serial repeat telecast airs at 02:30 am on Star Plus channel.

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Article first published on February 6, 2016.

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