How to Meet the President of India – Best Tips and Guide

The President of India is the supreme leader of India. He is also the head of the state of republic of India. The President is also the supreme commander and the chief of all wings of Indian military. The President has most of formal powers like judiciary, executive and legislature.

Every 5 years, there is an election of the President in the country. Indian people do not elect their president directly. The President of India elected by member of parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) as well as state’s legislative assembly’s member.

How to Meet the President of India

In this article, we have provided information on how to meet the President of India.

How to Meet the President of India – Best Tips & Guide

Provide Valid Reason to Meet The President

Most of Indian people have dream to meet their President once in life. Most of these persons can’t able to meet his/her President due to so many reasons. It is practically not possible for the President to meet every person. Still if you have valid reason and some achievement, sure he can meet you without any problem. Otherwise, prepare yourself to provide any valid reason to meet Indian President.

Indian President Official residence is The Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001. It is the largest presidential house in the world. First you have to think proper reason to meet Rashtrapati. Prepare best letter requesting meeting with him. If there is any need of enclosures (attachment) then add it. For example, your achievement certificates, newspapers, magazines and others. It will make big impression of yourself in the office of the President of India. it will increase your chances of meeting with Indian President.

This is the official website of Indian President. Official address is given below.

The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan (The Presidential House)
New Delhi – 110 001

Contact Member of Parliament of your District

Most of member of parliament (MPs) attend parliament session at New Delhi. They often have chances to meet Indian President during this session. Member of Parliament meets President for various official work. It is better to contact your constituency MP and request him to help you to get appointment of the President of India.

Meet Indian President at Public Function

Indian President gives his appearance at various public functions. Prior to his arrival, you should contact the organizer of the public event/function. Show him/her how much you are eager to meet the President of India. It is one of the best way to meet him. Generally, he appears at several occasions in various public events at various places. So, it is better to make prior arrangement before his arrival in your town/city. His security is very tight, almost impossible to meet him without any prior arrangement/appointment and contacts.

By following above procedure to meet the president, I am sure you will get chance to meet him/her. I hope that my tips & guide on How to Meet the President of India will help you to meet Rashtrapati of India.

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