Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 Results Live Trends

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 Results Live Trends information has been provided here. Maharashtra is one of the most important states in India. Mumbai is the capital city, which is also the financial capital of India. There are also various important cities of India such as Pune, Ahmednagar and more. The Election Commission of India has organized vidhan sabha elections in the year 2014 in the state of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 Results Live Trends

Shiv Sena
MNS and others

Update: We will update final result here after the confirmation of the Election Commission of India’s official website. So, stay tune with us.

Total : 288

–Old Information–

After victory in the Karnataka Elections, Indian National Congress (INC) is going to make the best victory in the upcoming elections of the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha 2014 with Nationalist Congress Party. It is the win win situation for the both parties. While Hindu nationalist parties, BJP and Shivsena again will fail to achieve the majority due to various reasons.

Updated: Both BJP and Congress broke their alliance with Shive Sena and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) respectively. In the exit poll, BJP will be emerged as the largest party in Maharashtra.

Still, it is undecided because it is the observation and predicted based on the various sources. Final result only can be seen on the result day of Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014.

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First published on 14th November, 2013. Last updated on 18th October, 2014.

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11 thoughts on “Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 Results Live Trends

  1. Congres Admi

    All maratha together and vote for Congress ..Let them feel ….one man is not enough to run the nation….

  2. Asha

    Congress deserve one more term with full majority on its own . I have observed one thing that congress ruled states have developed better than BJP ruled States like Metro railway,s Highway, ATM and Posh Airport , Monorail have come in Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajasthan and Delhi. Whereas MP, Gujarat, Chattisgarh , and even coalition Govt with Badal Govt has not developed much in comparison with Congress ruled States. How people carried away by Modi’s untruth speech criticizing Congress. I am happy that congress is going alone and a Clean person like Prithvi raj Chavan should be given another chance. He talks very decently and not like BJp leaders who talk very arrogantly in every debate. We do not want any riots in a place like Mumbai. We have faced a bad times riots during 1990/91 when Babri Masjid was demolished. Otherwise Mumbai is a very peaceful Place where all community people live with peace . Vote for Congress and Let us Strengthen Prith Raj Chavan’s Hand. GOD BLESS CONGRESS.

  3. kalyan ghosh

    In the begining during this current 2014 lok sabha wlwction i also thought that we need a change in the government. But after five moths now i have observed that mr. Modi can deliver very good speeches , but one can now observe that he is also a very good bluff master.50 % of his speeches are all buff.
    Of late made I made a detail study of GUjarat state, but found that there is nothing so extraordinary than other states except that there are many good industries the ownners who are all his good friends.
    I think that now slowly people will understanding his nature. I am sure that none of his cabinet ministers will actually be happy working under his leadership .I have made observation from the last five months that as a prime minister he works as a DICTATOR.
    It was surprising that when there was so much tension in the border (contant firing ) our PRIME minister was roaming around through small viilages in Maharashtra campaining for assemly elections.
    I am sure that people will not like all his ruling action in future.

  4. anna patil

    I am sure the tactics of Modi-Shah going to unsuccessful in a developed state like Maharashtra. This is the state having leadership of well cultured persons like Yashvantrao Chavan, Vasantdada Patil, Sharad Pawar, Vilasrao Deshmukh, SM Joshi, NG Gore, Balasaheb Thakre. All these leaders were way ahead than Modi, except lieing. People of Maharashtra will teach lesson to him, surely.

  5. Prathamesh mukadam

    Bjp is good for rich people ,but here in Maharashtra people love those who work for general society, for poor people. Since last 42 years shivsena has provided all social services to the people in all levels. Since last 25 years shivsena help bjp for their growth in Maharastra, but they forgote them as soon as they came in majority in parlament. “They forgot to lord Shree Ram in 1999. How shivsena expect from them.

  6. Lucky

    Narendra Modi is a Air ballon and that ballon is going to blast very soon and going to end his career in the next five years and with him he is going to finish all his netas and ministers . BJP MLAs doesnt know to speak in vidhan bhavan yet and they are trying to run maharashtra ,very surprising . and more surprising is our maharashtra people even after noticing all this they are voting BJP . To run maharashtra we only need NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena. Modi wants maharashtra because he knows most of the indian money and finanacial transactions occurs from Mumbai,Maharashtra ,so he wants all that money to divert at central govt. and Gujrat . He is like Afghani ruler,who came india to stole all the gold and precious metals . Atlist for now people in maharshtra understand the real game and dont support this Afghani Modi …….

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