How to Watch 2016 Yokohama New Years Eve Fireworks Live Streaming Online

2016 Yokohama New Years Eve Fireworks Live Streaming Online information has been provided here. Yokohama is the most populous municipality of Japan. The city is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture, in Kanto region of main island of Honshu. It is a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area. Yokohama does not have its own airport. You can reach Yokohama from Tokyo’s two main airports.

How to Watch 2016 Yokohama New Years Eve Fireworks Live Streaming Online?

You can watch Yokohama New Years Eve 2016 NYE Fireworks Live Streaming on local TV channels.

Planning to stay home under the kotatsu on New Year’s Eve? That would see you miss out – Tokyo always offers a mind-boggling variety of countdown parties, all-night gigs, firework shows and much more, so braving the cold will be more than worth it. Here are our top picks of NYE celebrations, most of which go on all the way up to the first sunrise of 2016.

Already during the last day of December you can see plenty of local communities in Yokohama bustling about and preparing for welcoming the New Year. There are many opportunities to run into a neighbourhood “mochi” pounding event (called “mochitsuki”) in which the glutinous rice is pounded with large wooden mallets in round-shaped traditional mortars. This is quite an attractive spectacle that is often joined by many locals. Be sure to try pounding the rice too.

Top Hotels In Yokohama Japan For Nye 2016

Camelot Hotel Yokohama
Hotel Associa Shin-Yokohama
InterContinental Yokohama Grand
Richmond Hotel Yokohama Bashamichi
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel
The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
Yokohama Isesakicho Washington Hotel
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel
Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel

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