How to Watch Sapporo 2016 New Years Eve Fireworks Online Live Streaming

Sapporo 2016 New Years Eve Fireworks Online Live Streaming information has been provided here. Are you spending New Year in Sapporo, Japan? There are plenty of things to do at New Year in Sapporo, Japan, include Sapporo New Years Eve Fireworks, Sapporo New Years Eve Parade, Sapporo New Years Eve Music Concerts and many more festive celebrations in Sapporo. Find all you need to know about the festive season in the capital of Sapporo, from New Years Eve markets and Sapporo shopping to sparkling New Years Eve lights.

How to Watch Sapporo 2016 New Years Eve Fireworks Online Live Streaming?

You can watch Sapporo New Years Eve 2016 NYE Fireworks Live Streaming on local TV channels.

The first sunrise refers to the first sunrise of the new year. It is so popular that there are even recommended spots and tours all around Japan to see the first sunrise. The most famous and extremely popular first sunrise would be the goraikou seen on Mt Fuji. Goraikou refers to seeing a sunrise on top of a mountain, especially for sunrises rising above the horizon, and it is an extremely auspicious sign. There are many people who come from abroad to see Goraikou on Mt Fuji, crowding it to the point that people are unable to climb the mountain.

Visiting shrines or temples for the first time in the new year is to show thanks to the gods for your life over the past year and to pray for your safety and peace in the new year. Generally, people go between January 1st and January 7th.

In Sapporo, the sun will rise at 7:05 a.m. on January 1. This page introduces facilities that are open early so you can take part in hatsumode (first shrine visit) and view the hatsuhinode (first sunrise). It’s cold outside, so make sure to protect yourself against the cold weather before leaving home. Travelers should also note that most bank ATMs and public facilities are closed during the year-end and New Year holidays.

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