How to Watch 2016 Istanbul New Years Eve Fireworks Online Streaming

How to Watch 2016 Istanbul New Years Eve Fireworks Online Streaming information has been provided here. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country’s economic, cultural, and historical heart. Its commercial and historical centre lies in the European part of Eurasia, while about a third of its population lives in the Asian part.

The New Year’s Eve Party in Istanbul sees crowds gather in public places around the city, most notably in the city’s iconic Taksim Square and along Istiklal Street, where there is a lively atmosphere throughout the evening, leading up to the fireworks at midnight which are launched form various points across the city, although the Bosphorus Bridge is a focal point, with the backdrop of the city skyline providing some great views and plenty of vantage points to choose from as the pyrotechnics can be seen for miles around.

How to Watch 2016 Istanbul New Years Eve Fireworks Online Streaming?

Please visit this website to watch the live stream of Istanbul 2016 NYE, the URL is

There will be thousands people including locals and international visitors gather in Taksim Square and Istiklal Street in the City centre where all around there is the sound of blaring horns from the hundreds of vehicles traversing the streets of Istanbul.

The New Years Eve 2016 in Istanbul festivities including mixing in with the crowds that gather in various public places all over the city, especially Istanbul’s legendary Taksim Square and on Istiklal Street that offers a lively atmosphere all through the evening up until the fireworks at midnight that are launched from several vantage points around the city.

Istanbul is a city brimming with accommodations including guest houses, bed and breakfast establishments,  apartment rentals and incredible hotels. Highly rated hotels in the city include the Hyatt Istanbul, Nippon Hotel, Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia and the Hilton.

Some of the best places to observe the fireworks and fun activities before the New Year rings in are in the Fatih district near the historic Galata Tower. Galata is a part of the city’s Beyoglu district, which makes up Istanbul’s entertainment and commercial center located near Taksim Square. The area is brimming with wonderful restaurants boasting delicious international cuisine. Located along Istiklal Avenue you’ll find the Çiçek Pasaji, home to additional restaurants, fun pubs and relaxing wine houses.

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