How to Watch Frankfurt New Years Eve Online Fireworks 2016 Streaming

How to Watch Frankfurt New Years Eve Online Fireworks 2016 Streaming information has been provided here. Frankfurt, officially known as Frankfurt am Main, is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth-largest city in Germany, with a population of 701,350 (2013) within its administrative boundaries. The actual urban area has a population of 2,221,910.

The fireworks displays are primarily centered near the River Main around Sachsenhausen. The area’s atmosphere feels like a big, outdoor party during the weekends and it will be the same on New Years Eve 2016 as well.

There are several places that provide a perfect setting for watching the various fireworks displays and taking New Years photos around the city. The best places to watch the fireworks are probably the Old Opera House (Alte Oper), the bridges of the Main River, and the Romerberg Marketplace. At each of these locations you will be able to see clear views of the majestic fireworks stretching far above the waters of the river.

Frankfurt is famous for it’s New Year concert, so if you’re up to it on the day after the big party, try to get yourself down to Frankfurt’s Alte Oper for the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie performing festive classics.

How to Watch Frankfurt New Years Eve Online Fireworks 2016 Streaming?

Please visit this website to watch the live stream of Frankfurt 2016 NYE, the URL is

if you’re considering your new year’s eve dining options then you will find Frankfurt has plenty to offer, with over 1500 restaurants in the urban area, with everything from fine dining to street stalls. Top recommended options include Matsuri, Restaurant Lohninger, Dorade and Weinsinn. as with many of the larger German cities there is also a burgeoning vegetarian and vegan scene.

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