How to Watch Fireworks of Beijing New Years Eve 2016 Online Streaming

#Live! Fireworks of Beijing New Years Eve 2016 Online Streaming information has been provided here. This year if you’re planning to celebrate New Years Eve 2016 in Beijing you’ll have an exceptional amount of activities to choose from including hot night clubs, boat cruises, countless New Years Eve parties, formal hotel gala and more. You’ll easily find a variety of New Years events going on all over the city that are sure to suit your tastes and style, from trendy DJ dance parties, to more intimate restaurant, bar and hotel venues.

How to Watch Fireworks of Beijing New Years Eve 2016 Online Streaming?

You can watch Beijing New Years Eve 2016 NYE Fireworks Live Streaming on local TV channels.

New Years Eve 2016 in Beijing, as in all New Years Eve’s past, will reflect the solemn importance of the holiday itself to the Chinese people through parties and festivities. Family and friends gather together to prepare for the New Year, enjoying each other’s company and preparing for New Year filled with good fortune.

Most Beijing residents will try to be home on Chinese New Year’s Eve. They especially want to make the traditional New Year’s Eve family dinner. Maybe you’ll get a chance to be an honored guest for the celebration.

Beijing is also home to countless bars and restaurants and on New Years Eve and you can bet every one will be holding their own exclusive celebrations. For visitors who favor something a little more civilized there are the Sanlitun bars like Migas. Funk music was the theme in 2016 and just might be again this year.

Beijing has a lot to offer when it comes to great hotel choices that will fit into every budget. To help with your search for accommodations, consider some of the top choices like the Fairmont Beijing hotel, the Botai hotel, the Peninsula hotel, the Pangu 7 star hotel, and the more budget friendly Holiday Inn Express.

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