How to Watch Brisbane New Years Eve Fireworks Streaming Online 2016

How to Watch Brisbane New Years Eve Fireworks Streaming Online 2016 information have been provided here.  More than 80,000 people are expected in and around South Bank to see the displays at 8:30pm (AEST) and midnight, with 30,000 fireworks set to go off from barges on the river and city roof tops.

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Not even the prospect of a long wait in sweltering temperatures which peaked at 33.8 degrees was enough to deter early arrivals. From midday, dozens of groups of families and friends were spotted setting up deck chairs, tables and small tents on the South Bank side of the river.

New Years Eve 2016 in Brisbane – Let’s Celebrate New Years Eve in Brisbane. Australia under a blanket of stars thanks to the city’s amazing weather and clear skies this time of the year. Brisbane is a magical city, even more so on NYE with the bridge lighting up in a breathtaking amber hue before and after the firework displays.

How to Watch Brisbane New Years Eve Fireworks Streaming Online 2016

The big new year party in Brisbane takes place on the banks of the eponymous Brisbane river, where the South Bank Fireworks represent a spectacular start to 2016. Similar to other Australian cities there are actually 2 displays, and earlier show for families at 8.30pm, followed by the main event at midnight.

Undoubtedly, New Year’s Eve is a grandiose occasion which is celebrated with great joy all over the world. And when the question of celebrating this splendid occasion comes to Brisbane, it stands out from other European countries and marks the beginning of the New Year in a grand manner. If you also want to witness the spirit of Brisbane, then get ready and visit Brisbane this New Year.

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