IPL 9 WhatsApp Status Funny Jokes Shayari SMS 2016

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IPL 9 WhatsApp Status Funny Jokes Shayari SMS 2016

IPL 9 WhatsApp Status Funny Jokes Shayari SMS 2016

1ball, 23runs needed to win.
Bowler bowls,
Rajni hits.
Ball splits in 4pieces.
Al pieces go fr 6’s.
Chennai wins!
Yenna Rascala.!!

IPL team of computer engineers
1. Rajasthan recursion
2. Kolkata node riders
3. Mumbai implicants
4. Delhi dragging
6. Chennai super computers
7. Royalstack Bangalore

IPl Ka Josh Dil Main Hai Yaar.
Lekin Exams Ka Bhi Hai bukhar.
Match Main Kisi Ki Jeet Ho Ya Haar.
Par Ham Indians Hai Cricket Ke Is Jashn Ke Liye Tyaar.

Pappu: Papa Agar Cricket Mein Kisi Player Ko Kam Dikhne Lag Jaaye Toh Uske Sath Kya Karte Hain ?
Papa: Beta, Usse Umpire Bana Dete Hain

EXAMs should be like IPL.
Timing should be 1 Hour
No Invigilator In Exam Hall for first 15 min
Cheer Leaders Dance After Every Right Answer
Bolo IPL Ki Jai!

After Watching IPL Cricket
Guard: Gentleman Match Is Over Now
Why Are You Still Watching The Pavallion
Pappu: Actually I Am Waiting For Highlights

Sholey ki team ne IPL me part liya,
Gabbar ke bowler ne 20 Over me 150 run diye aur extra me 200 run diye
Batao kyun?
Kyunki wicketkeepar thakur tha

Ipl Junoon-
Wife Tv Par Match Dekh Rahi Thi.
Husband Smart Ban Ke Aaayaa Aur Bola –
‘Darling Me Kesa Lag Raha Hu?’
Tabhi Wife Zorse Chillay

IPL ke matches dekh k logo ko maja aa raha hai
IPL ki matches dekh k logo ko maja aa raha h
12 saal se DAYA ek hi QUALIS Chala rha hai

Judge: Your parents are divorced. You want to be with mom?
Kid: She beats me
Judge: Dad?
Kid: He beats me too. I wanna be with IPL KKR Team, they never beat anybody

IPL- Competition where 9 teams fight with each other to play with Chennai Super Kings in the finals.

A cricket enthusiast had 3 signs in office labelled In, Out & LBW. A visitor asked ‘In’ and ‘Out’ is ok but what is LBW?
Owner Replied: Let the Bastards Wait.

I actually feel very embarrassed because I rejected him as a fast bowler. I think I did him & d game of cricket a favour.

Q. What is KKR’s former captain Saurabh Ganguly’s favorite movie?
A. Gone in 60 seconds.

Fight & win, Fight & win, Never give up & Never give in,
Dig in ur heels & Move that ball. We want d (team name) 2 win it all.
Twinkle twinkle Cricket stars Master blaster Super star Up above with runs so high d ball vanishing in2 d sky.

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness & sings 2 cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds.

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