International Yoga Day Funny Jokes SMS Messages Greetings

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International Yoga Day Funny Jokes & SMS

A Rabbit Runs, Jumps
& Lives Only For 15 yrs.
While a Turtle Doesn’t Run
Does Nothing.
Yet lives for 300 yrs.
Exercise Is Hell Just Sleep Well..
Good Night
Happy Yoga day..!

Never hurry..
Take plenty of Yoga.
Always be cheerful…
Take all the sleep you need..
You may expect to be well..!
Happy Yoga day

The sovereign invigorator of the body is Yoga,
and of all the Yoga in the world,
Surya Namaskar-Sun salutation is the best.
Happy Yoga Day

aagar lambi aayu jini hai,
tho kam itna karo,
subha savere utho, oor
kuch yoga karo..!
happy yoga day

Health is wealth,
Sun salutation is Best..!
Pranayam is Rock..!
Live life with big stock..!
Happy yoga day

To get rich never,
Don’t risk your health.
For it is the truth that
health is the wealth of wealth.
So do yoga to earn your wealth..!
Happy Yoga day..!

The only way to keep your health is perfect,
Eat Proper, Drink Proper,
Laugh Proper, Live proper,
But do one more thing proper..
Get up early morning and do proper yoga,
Key of your good health..!
Happy yoga day

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