International Mother Language Day 2016 Essay Speech Paragraph

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International Mother Language Day 2016 Essay


Mother Language means a language that is used by the people of a country to express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. The 21st February is the International Mother Language Day. It is a red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh. Our mother language day has a glorious historical background. The then Pakistani rulers wanted to impose Urdu as the state language upon us instead of Bangle. But the heroic sons of our country protested it. The students brought out a procession on 21st February in 1952 and the police opened fire on the procession and Salam, Jabber, Barkat, Rafiq died on the spot. For this reason, this day is observed as International Mother Language Day.

UNESCO’s declaration of 21st February as the International Mother Language Day has brought fresh glory and prestige to Bangladesh which is making significant strides towards peace, progress and prosperity at home and discharging international obligations abroad. After 1952, the people of Bangladesh have been observing every year the 21st day of February as their glorious and unforgettable Language Martyrs Day. What happened on 21st February 1952 is widely known. Still let us very briefly recount the fateful happenings of that day and the circumstances that led to and followed them.

There are about 4000 official languages in the world. Bangladesh is the mother tongue of about 22crores of people. English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic are some of the most dominant languages in the world. But, in spite of this, Bengali has come to the top position because through it mow all other languages have assumed their true status.

For the United Nations, the pursuit of social justice for all is at the core of our global mission to promote development and human dignity. The adoption by the International Labour Organization of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization is just one recent example of the UN system’s commitment to social justice.


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