How to Watch UK Brexit Polls Results Live Streaming Online

The sad death of pro-EU British MP Jo Cox prompted a buying spree in Sterling that carried on through today as hope sprung eternal that her assassination (and the efforts to politicize the actions of a mad man) would lead to either a delayed vote or sympathetic pro-EU “Remain” swing. JPMorgan hinted before the close that was not the case and now, as USA Today reports, the first post-Cox poll reveals a shocking swing in “Remain” voters…

UK EU Referendum Brexit Vote Results
UK EU Referendum Brexit Vote Results

Starting Thursday morning, polls will open for citizens to vote on the so-called “Brexit,” which has become a top issue in the United Kingdom as the refugee crisis and economic turmoil spread across the rest of the continent; and fears about EU control over British sovereignty take hold. Some worry that exiting the Union would itself cause economic problems for the UK.

Remain campaigners in Islington, a Labour stronghold that includes the constituencies of Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry, seem confident that rain and occasional thunder and lightning hasn’t damaged their chances of success.

Wikileaks will broadcast live coverage of the Brexit vote starting at 9 p.m. British Time or 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Described as “What you won’t see on the BBC,” coverage will be hosted by Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange, who has stated that he “pretty much” backs a Brexit from the European Union.

If you can’t get to a TV, you’ll be able to watch the BBC’s coverage – hosted by David Dimbleby on BBC One – on iPlayer. You can do this either in a web browser or via the free iPlayer app on your phone or tablet. Coverage starts at 21:55 BST and ends at 06:00 BST tomorrow.

Videos below will have live stream coverage of the voting and results to decide if the United Kingdom stays in the European Union or chooses a “Brexit”.

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