How To Remove Holi Colours From Face, Hair, Hand, Body Skin – Easy Steps

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How To Remove Holi Colours From Face, Hair, Hand Body Skin / Useful Tips for Playing Holi

  • Apply almond oil and olive oil to your hair.
  • Apply either castor oil or olive oil to the hair. The oil will form a layer over the hair and when you will wash you hair the colors will come out easily.
  • Apply foundation just before playing Holi. This will protect your skin from dry colours. Also apply Vaseline to your lips.
  • Apply moisturizer to the entire body immediately after a bath.
  • Apply moisturizer to your hands, face and all the exposed body parts.
  • Apply dark color nail polish to your nails so that the nails do not get colored. Later remove the nail paint with the nail polish remover.
  • Applying soaked amchur powder also helps get rid of color.
  • Avoid going for skin or hair treatments like facial, bleach, hair colour and the like just after holi. Wait for at least a week or two before you use chemicals or products on your skin and hair.
  • Do not rub your skin with any rough and hard thing. This will make your skin itchy. Apply coconut oil with the help of cotton and ten try to remove the colors.
  • Do not wash your face again and again. This will make your face dry.
  • If you are planning a bleach or facial then wait for at least a week.
  • Make a paste using curd and methi seeds powder. Apply this on your hair as a post holi hair mask. This will prevent hair damage and keep your hair nourished.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 3 tablespoon of oil and apply it to the hair. This will provide strength to your hair.
  • Mix some besan (Besan, also called gram flour, is made from ground, dried chickpeas and is a staple ingredient in many Indian foods.) with milk / malai / yogurt and rub it on skin, wash it off with soap after 5 minutes
  • Soak cotton in coconut oil and use it to wipe off the colours from your face.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in 4 tablespoon of curd then apply to hair or apply yellow of egg to the scalp for 30 minutes. Then wash away with shampoo.
  • To lighten the color, rub lemon wedges and then apply wheat flour and oil mixture.
  • Use cold water to remove the colors, hot water makes the color fast and it is difficult to get rid of them.

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