How to Register a Company in India – Tips and Guide

India is the land of opportunities in the World. Every year, thousands of companies registered in India for starting and opening their business as per Indian laws and regulations. It is also most necessary to follow every country’s law to do business peacefully without any problem. We have provided Best Tips & guide on How to Register a Company in India easily, fast and quickly.

How to Register a Company in India

List of Steps to Register Business Company in India

1. Before applying for registering your business in India. You have to get Digital Signature Certificate from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for applying and registering company in India. Now, you have to also apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) on the Official website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

2. It is most important step while applying for company registration in India. You have to file an application in proper format in the Office of Registrar of Companies which is commonly known as ROC. You have to also mention your new company name which does not exist in whole India. Your company should also fulfill also guidelines and rules to obtain permission of company registration in India.

3. There are two main documents while obtaining for company registration in India. First one is Memorandum of Association which is shortly known as MOA and second one is Articles of Association (AOA). You have to also prepare this two documents as per Companies Act in India.

4. You have to also mention various important details of board of directors as well as share holders in the documents. Important details like your proper name including father name, surname (last name), permanent address, contact number, office number, job title and others. You have to also obtain proper stamps and seal of authorities in the documents.

5. Just submit MOA and AOA with other necessary documents as per guidelines of ROC. Office of the ROC will check all documents and information. If there is an issue then they will notify you with proper information. If your company will follow all rules and regulations of Companies Act then you will shortly receive Certificate of Company Registration through the postal mail.

I think you should not wait for much long to start your business in India because India is waiting for smart entrepreneurs who wants to start their own new business with their talents. India is becoming best country for investors to invest in startup companies. Recently, lots of tech startup has created multi-million companies like Flipkart, Myntra, OneIndia, and so on. So, it is the right time to register your company/business in India to make instant money.

I am recommending you to consult a lawyer in India for preparing MOA and AOA with other legal documents to follow Indian rules and regulations. Let’s share best tips & guide on How to Register a Company in India with your friends on social media.

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