How to Lodge Complaints Against Indian Railways Online [Guide]

Indian Railways is the largest rail network in India which is owned by the Government of India. It is working under the Ministry of Railways. Government already hired lakhs of employees to cater the needs of Indian people for their facilities. Most of the services provided by the Indian Railways have a good quality and reasonable prices at all places throughout India. Still, in many cases, passengers have to suffer. If you are willing to file a complaint, then please follow this article titled ‘How to Lodge Complaints Against Indian Railways Online’.

Indian Railways provide the best facilities such as train runs on time, the best seating facility as well as clean coaches, drinking water facility and a lot more. Still, there are various stations and trains where passengers face problems and they didn’t have time to visit the respective stations due to their busy schedule. Now, Indian Railways has provided the best facility to lodge your complaint online against Indian Railways employees and other stuff. You have to make just simple online complaint on the official website of Indian Railways and all procedure will be done by the respective authorities. So, let’s see how you can make complaint against the Indian Railways.

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How to Lodge Complaints Against Indian Railways Online [Guide]

1. Open the official website of Indian Railways for complaints, the URL is here.

2. Now, you have to provide full information regarding your complaint like type of complaint, incident date, name of staff (optional), place of occurrence your name, your contact number, your e-mail ID, your address and your complaint description. You can also attach documents for your support. This is an optional feature to file a complaint in Indian Railways.

3. You have to enter same texts as shown in the image to the text box. Now, submit your query to the Indian Railways and keep calm to receive your response.

Please note that you can complaint for the following things.

  • Allotment of seats – berths by train staff
  • Bedroll Complaints
  • Improper behaviour of non railway staff
  • Booking of Luggage / Parcels
  • Thefts / Pilferages
  • Unauthorised passengers in coaches
  • Working of Enquiry Offices
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Complaints related to Sleeper Class
  • Feedback & Suggestions
  • Improper behavior of commercial staff
  • Maintenance/Cleanliness of coaches
  • Malfunctioning of Electrical Equipment
  • Improper Behavior of non commercial staff
  • Misc. Cause
  • Multiple complaints
  • Catering and Vending Services
  • Non availability of Water
  • Passenger Booking
  • Refund of tickets
  • Cleanliness at Station
  • Reservation Issues
  • Punctuality of Train
  • Complaint Related To Kolkata Metro

We hope that the information and guide on how to lodge complaints against Indian Railways online will be useful to all the passengers. Please do not forget to share this article on the popular social media websites to make it more useful.

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