How to Collect Indian Celebrity Autographs – Tips & Guide

People love their favorite celebrity and always eager to meet and talk about them. Most of fans are crazy to get their favorite celebrity’s autograph with them. In India, people only love cricket players and Bollywood film stars. Only few percentages of people like great leaders, businessman and scientists. It is also great thing to get your favorite celebrity autograph easily and quickly. There are also so many fans who want to take photo with him/her. It is not so much easy if you don’t know how to do it without any contacts in India. So, let’s discuss important information on How to Collect Indian Celebrity Autographs and ways to get celebrity autographs in India.

How to Collect Indian Celebrity Autographs

1. Collect Indian Celebrities Autographs in Person

Often celebrities visit your city/town for promotion of their new film. It is the best time to meet him/her in person to obtain autograph on photo, letter, autograph book and other items. You have to keep updated yourself on what is happening in the town/city. I am recommending you to contact organizer of the event to convince him/her about your hobby. If they do not allow you for autograph then you should direct reach at the event place to obtain your favorite celebrity autograph.

There are so many cricket players and Bollywood film stars provide autographs for charity in India free of cost. So, if you need autographs for charity purpose then provide full details and information to the organizer about your work.

As per my experience, people do not have awareness about autograph hobby in India. So, you should ready for common treatment. Prepare yourself before attending any event like marker pen/ball pen, celebrity photo, camera and others.

2. Indian Celebrities Autographs through the Mail (Postal Correspondence)

If you don’t have any time for in person then you should collect autographs through the mail in India. You just need postal/office/home address of Indian personalities from various fields like Bollywood film stars, Cricket players, Political leaders, Poets, Writers/authors, and Businessman/Industrialist to send out letters.

As per my personal advice, you should obtain address of Indian celebrities from various sources like Official Website of Celebrity, Book, Blog/Website, News Paper/Magazine and others. Now days, Indian celebrities are making their own personal Official websites to show their work and latest updates. So, you should get their office or postal address from that website to send out your autograph request letter. It is the easiest way to collect Indian Celebrity autograph.

There are also so many websites which provide free celebrities addresses online for sending autograph request. So, check it out.

3. Purchase/Buy Indian Celebrity Autographs

If you are not successful in both methods in person and autograph through the mail then purchasing Indian celebrity autographs is also the best way to increase your collection. You can buy autographs from collectors and dealers. Generally, most of buyers prefer to buy autographs from collectors. Please be aware from fake celebrity autographs which are also available in the market.

I have also written best tips to invest in autographs as an alternative investment in India. It is also provides high return based on your investment. There are also so many investors around the World who invest in collectible items of autographs. It has given very high returns on various years in various countries. So, it is one of the best chance for all investors to invest in Indian autographs to take benefit in future.

So, let’s share your experience on How to Collect Indian Celebrity Autographs here in comment box.

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