How to Check Train Running Status Live Online – Tips & Guide

Indian Railways has implemented new technological step towards modernization. Indian Railways has introduced live train running status information online on computer as well as mobile phones. Now, it is easy for all train passengers to track/trace/know train status latest and updated with one click. It was older days when people inquire for their train running information online. There are also thousands of people who makes call to railways inquiry number to know their train running status latest and new. So, let’s see best tips & guide on How to Check Train Running Status Live Online – Tips & Guide.

How to Check Train Running Status Live Online

List of Steps to know Train Running Information Status Online

1. First you have to open Official Website of Indian Railways for the TrainEnquiry which URL is

2. You will find two options, first is “Trains” and second is “Stations”. If you know train number OR train name then enter it in “Trains” option. For example, if you know train number, enter it “19060” (without quotes) which is Jamnagar-Surat Intercity Express; Click on Go and wait for the sometime while server fetch information for you.

3. After completion of step-2, it will provide train name with its number. You have to just click on that box to fetch further information and details for that particular train (updated information) as shown in the figure.

4. Now, It will fetch running train status from the server and provide necessary information like Previous stoppage and next stoppage of running train information updated live online. You have to just click on your running train to know further in depth information regarding last location of train and previous location as well as next location’s expect arrival time.

5. After implementing step-4, we will get live and updated train location online easily and quickly as shown in the figure.

As shown in the figure, Jamnagar – Surat Intercity Express train’s last location was Vadodara JN at 12:48 PM. I hope that my best tips & guide on How to Check Train Running Status Live Online will be useful to thousands of travelers regularly.


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