How to Call India from the United States of America

There are millions of Indians (Non Resident Indians) residing in the United States for the various purposes such as the education, job, business, medical treatment and others. So, often they want to contact their family members, friends and their business associates for various purposes regularly. Both countries India-USA are well connected with each other with various relationships. So, regular contacts from USA to India are required for the most of the people. In this article, we have given our tips on how to call India from the United States of America.

How to Call India from the United States of America

Time difference between India and the United States of America

The most important factor to call India from the United States (USA) is the time difference between the both countries. You should have a proper knowledge about the time difference from source city (City in USA) to destination city (City in India).

If you don’t know what is the exact time in India right now, then use Google’s live time service for all the metro cities of the world. You just need to open Google and type “<city name> time” without quotes. Google will provide you the current time of the particular city, you searched for. If Google is not able to provide the current time of your city then search “India Time”, it will provide the current time as per Indian Standard Time (IST).

Buy Cheap Calling Cards Online/Offline for India

There is a huge competition between the various companies to grab millions of customers for making International calls. There are so many online companies which provide the cheap calling credits to call anywhere in the world. You should surf over the Internet to find out cheap calling rates to call India from the United States.

How to Call India from US mobile and landline number?

It is not difficult to call India from United States mobile phone and landline phone. You just need to include country code which is +91 (international country code of India) before dialing a mobile number/landline number of India. For example, +91 98250 98250 is the mobile number format of India.

How to make free calls from USA to India?

Do you want to make free calls to India from the United States (USA) without paying any charges? Then Skype is the best way to make free calls internationally. It is one of the best ways to talk freely for hours without paying calling charges.

Both callers and receivers have to download Skype application for their mobile phone such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or whatever OS you use on your mobile phone. There is no charge to download the mobile app, it is completely free!

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