How to Become Good and Best Student – Tips & Guide

Student life is the most important time period for the development of career. If you have good student life then successful career chances are increased. You have to closely follow your teacher’s advice and tips to become good and best student. So, let’s start our best tips & guide on How to become good and best Student.

How to Become Good and Best Student

Pay attention during lecture time

Lecture time is the most important for your learning. You should note down important topics and notes in student book. This is the best sign of good/best student. Don’t talk with your classmates during lecture time. Talking with friends during the lecture time will make bad impression in your teacher’s mind. So, it is most important for every great and best student to concentrate on lectures. It is also recommended to do not pass funny comments during this time. It will hurt your studies as well as make very much bad impression.

Raise your hand if you have doubt in lecture

It is 100% not possible for every student to understand any topic at once. They have some questions in their mind while they study any topic. Most of great student raise their hands to ask questions to their teachers. You should ask any topic related question to your teacher for clarifying your doubt. It is also recommended to do not talk internally with other students to clarify doubt. If you talk with other students internally and make comments then it will make also bad impression of you in teacher’s mind.

Do your Homework Regularly as Student

If you are doing regular homework as student, it will be plus point to become good student in the class as well as in the college/school. Generally, every teacher gives some types of homework to all students. So, it is better to do that homework regularly. It will also make big impression in your teacher’s mind if you are regular for doing homework.
Only doing homework regularly is not important. Your writing must be neat and clean without any spelling mistake. Read all topics which you have written as your homework.

Pack your College/School Bag very well

Preparing for School/College bag early will save your time as well as make big impression as student. It is also recommended to have some checklist of bags items. A checklist will prevent any items to be missing. So, it is better to prepare your bag with carefully every day.

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