How to Become an Astronaut Easily and Quickly – Best Tips & Guide

Space has opened new opportunities for all the human being. When you studied in the school, most of students have dreamed to become an astronaut to work in space. So, they have to choose their own different path starting from their school. Astronaut career provides huge salary as well as big respect in the country with popularity. So, most of students in school dreamed to start their career as Astronaut. There are various countries where space technology is still growing and advanced technology is not available. So, let’s read my best tips & guide on How to Become an Astronaut.

How to Become an Astronaut

Become Citizen of a country which have advance Space Technology

In this world, there are more than 200 countries but a few countries have advance space technology. So, if you are dreaming to become an astronaut easily and quickly and your country didn’t having any space agency/corporation/organization then what you do? I am suggesting/recommending you to become citizen of a country which has advance space technology agency/organization/corporation/company. For example like United States of America (USA) has NASA (National Aeronautical Space Agency), India has ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and others.

Get Best Grade at School Level

You should study mathematics and science very well. Besides scoring good marks/grades, you must have vast and in depth knowledge of Science and Mathematics to become good pilot in future. So, study hard and earn good grades at school level. Besides Science and Math’s, you have to also study English very well for International level communication.

Join Science/Engineering/Math/Physics College

You should join best college of Engineering/Physics/Math and Science to get best reputation of your degree. It will also improve your knowledge and experience to go ahead in career. After completion of this degree, you should join training for Pilot. To become an astronaut easily and quickly, first you should become pilot with good number of hour’s experience.

Get Professional Pilot Experience to become Space Astronaut

You must have >3 years of working experience as pilot in your career to become astronaut. For example, 1000 hours of pilot in command experience will be added advantage and useful to achieve your goal. Besides this, you should also have flight test experience.

Rules and Criteria may be different

All space agencies worldwide have their own different rules and criteria. So, it is better to study their rules before starting your own career as Astronaut or Space Pilot.

I hope that my best tips & guide on How to Become an Astronaut will be useful to thousands of students who have dreamed for astronaut.

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