2016 Best Hindu Wedding Dates and Marriage Muhurat Timings List

2016 Best Hindu Wedding Dates and Marriage Muhurat Timings List information and details has been provided here. The wedding is the most important day for each and every person. In this article, we have provided the best wedding dates/muhurat times for all the people worldwide. Please note that all the timings are provided in Indian Standard Time (IST). So, let’s see it here.

2016 Best Hindu Wedding Dates and Marriage Muhurat Timings List

Auspicious Shubh Vivah Nakshatra Tithi
Marriage Dates Muhurat For Marriage For Marriage
15th January (Friday) 19:35 to 31:19+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Saptami
16th January (Saturday) 07:19 to 17:55 Revati Saptami
20th January (Wednesday) 10:43 to 27:33+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha Dwadashi
26th January (Tuesday) 07:16 to 21:06 Magha Dwitiya, Tritiya
28th January (Thursday) 20:35 to 31:15+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Panchami
29th January (Friday) 07:15 to 31:14+ Hasta Panchami, Shashthi
02nd February (Tuesday) 16:16 to 31:12+ Anuradha Navami, Dashami
03rd February (Wednesday) 07:12 to 12:36 Anuradha Dashami
04th February (Thursday) 25:24+ to 31:11+ Mula Dwadashi
05th February (Friday) 07:11 to 19:43 Mula Dwadashi
06th February (Saturday) 19:25 to 24:02+ Uttara Ashadha Trayodashi
11th February (Thursday) 11:10 to 22:39 Uttara Bhadrapada Chaturthi
12th February (Friday) 09:16 to 25:41+ Revati Panchami
17th February (Wednesday) 07:39 to 26:14+ Mrigashirsha Dashami, Ekadashi
22nd February (Monday) 25:44+ to 30:56+ Magha Pratipada
24th February (Wednesday) 09:42 to 26:30+ Uttara Phalguni Dwitiya
27th February (Saturday) 18:28 to 30:51+ Swati Panchami
28th February (Sunday) 06:51 to 21:30 Swati Panchami, Shashthi
01st March (Tuesday) 06:49 to 26:37+ Anuradha Saptami, Ashtami
03rd March (Thursday) 10:35 to 29:20+ Mula Navami, Dashami
05th March (Saturday) 06:45 to 26:10+ Uttara Ashadha Ekadashi, Dwadashi
09th March (Wednesday) 21:02 to 30:40+ Uttara Bhadrapada Pratipada, Dwitiya
10th March (Thursday) 06:40 to 30:38+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Dwitiya, Tritiya
18th April (Monday) 22:14 to 29:55+ Uttara Phalguni Dwadashi, Trayodashi
19th April (Tuesday) 05:55 to 13:48 Uttara Phalguni Trayodashi
20th April (Wednesday) 14:46 to 28:15+ Hasta Chaturdashi
22nd April (Friday) 07:19 to 29:51+ Swati Purnima, Pratipada
23rd April (Saturday) 05:51 to 10:18 Swati Pratipada
24th April (Sunday) 18:25 to 28:36+ Anuradha Tritiya
26th April (Tuesday) 24:21+ to 29:47+ Mula Panchami
27th April (Wednesday) 05:47 to 19:43 Mula Panchami
29th April (Friday) 09:11 to 21:48 Uttara Ashadha Saptami
11th November (Friday) 09:12 to 30:45+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Dwadashi
12th November (Saturday) 06:45 to 17:08 Revati Trayodashi
15th November (Tuesday) 19:15 to 30:48+ Rohini Dwitiya
16th November (Wednesday) 06:48 to 21:58 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Dwitiya, Tritiya
23rd November (Wednesday) 06:58 to 16:27 Uttara Phalguni Dashami
24th November (Thursday) 06:55 to 30:56+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Ekadashi
25th November (Friday) 06:56 to 12:06 Hasta Dwadashi
26th November (Saturday) 15:04 to 30:57+ Swati Trayodashi
27th November (Sunday) 06:57 to 12:46 Swati Trayodashi
03rd December (Saturday) 07:17 to 12:43 Uttara Ashadha Chaturthi
  25:24+ to 31:03+ Uttara Ashadha Panchami
08th December (Thursday) 11:17 to 23:26 Uttara Bhadrapada Navami
09th December (Friday) 20:31 to 26:55+ Revati Dashami, Ekadashi
12th December (Monday) 24:39+ to 31:09+ Rohini Chaturdashi
13th December (Tuesday) 19:25 to 31:10+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha Purnima, Pratipada

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