Happy New Year 2016 Short Poems For Kids Children

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Happy New Year 2016 Short Poems For Kids Children

Happy New Year 2016 Short Poems For Kids Children

To keep my health!
To do my work!
To live!
To see to it I grow and gain and give!
Never to look behind me for an hour!
To wait in weakness, and to walk in power;
But always fronting onward to the light,
Always and always facing towards the right.
Robbed, starved, defeated, fallen, wide astray–
On, with what strength I have!
Back to the way!

January opens
The box of the year
And brings out days
That are bright and clear.
And brings out days
That are cold and gray,
And shouts, “Come see
What I brought today!”

The biggest night of the year
To say goodbye to the past
And bring in the new with cheer
Surrounded by family and
Friends so dear-
Memories are made to last
Throughout our forthcoming years
At the birth of each New Year
God lights a candle for us all
To give guidance in our lives
To see his children free from fall
As the wonder of time
Finally strikes twelve
We celebrate together
New Year’s first hours

Hearing my dad on the computer.
Hearing the quiet buzz of the heater.
Hearing the cars rushing past.
Smelling paint as I walk past the wall.
Smelling the food being cooked.

A year to be glad in,
And not to be sad in,
To gain in, to give in,
A happy new year.
A new year for trying,
And never for sighing,
A new year to live in,
Oh, hold it most dear.

New Year Is Coming,
What Are You Doing,
Do You Have Any Preparing,
Or Just Waiting,
Come On Call The Friend,
Make At This Year A New Trend,
Don’t Make Anyone Angry,
Make Some Your Energy,
Your Must Your Memories Recall,
Say Happy New Year To All.

January, February, March,
The cold is harsh.April, May, June,
Summer will be over soon.
July, August, September,
Rain we love to remember.
October, November, December,
Time to take out coat & furs.

What Gift You Want At This New Year,
A Speaking Parrot Or A Dancing Teddy Bear,
Collect Some Words And Make A Poem,
For Body Making You Must Go To Gem,
Hey Baby Get Up A New Morning Is Waiting,
The Light Of The Sun Is Trying To You Awaking,

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