Happy New Year 2016 Quotes Wishes Messages Status For Lovers

Happy New Year 2016 Quotes Wishes Messages Status For Lovers information has been available here. You can check New Year SMS, Messages, Wishes, Sayings, Greetings, and WhatsApp Status from here.

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Happy New Year 2016 Quotes Wishes Messages Status For Lovers

Before the sun sets, in this year
Before the memories fade
Before the networks get jammed
Wish you and your family
Happy Sparkling New Year

let this new year be the one,
where all your hard work days off
may you have a fulfilling
Happy new year

Wipe out the feelings of pride, false ego
Hatred jealousy, Anger and other such
vices to brighten up dear
Happy New Year

2015 Might Have Been Torturous,
But 2016 Is Different.
Take The Challenges And Convert Them To Motivation.
Do Not Let The Past Year’s Challenges
Affect Your New Year.
Good Bye 2014,
Have A Victorious 2016.

May the new year bring with it all thing Beautiful
and lovely Have a wonderful New Year

May you achieve all your aspirations this year
May you have a brilliant New Year

I whispered a prayed for some one so dear
wishing you peace and hope and a happy New Year

Let’s give a warm welcome to the year
cherish each moment that the year shall
behold so Let’s come together and celebrate
a blissful start to the New Year
Happy New Year

May the new year that follow be the best you
have ever had Have a Happy new Year

May this new year brings all the crazy color and fum in your life
Lets welcome this year which is fresh and new
Lets cherish each moment it beholds
Lets celebrate this blissful New Year
May this new year bring a smile to
your face, the kinds that always stays
have a joyful new year

New year brings just happiness not tear
everybody loves only you dear
all your problems will be finish
its for you my special new year’s wish

Let the next twelve months be the most
amazing days that one each have
wishing you a happy new year

May your dreams be turned into reality
and your happiness know no bounds
have a lovely new year

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