Happy Makar Sankranti 2016 Essay for Students of Colleges and Schools

Happy Makar Sankranti 2016 Essay for Students of Colleges and Schools have been provided here. Uttarayan 2016 Essay for the students of high school and colleges have been provided here in English language.

Happy Makar Sankranti 2016 Essay for Students of Colleges and Schools

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Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi on its celestial path. The day is also believed to mark the arrival of spring in India and is a traditional. Makara Sankranti is a solar event making one of the few Indian festivals which fall on the same date in the Gregorian calendar every year: 14 January, with some exceptions when the festival is celebrated on 13 or 15 January.

All over the State, in the Month of January, the serene blue sky with colorful kites look splendid and since morning to evening remains dotted with vivid splashes of color with kites in a variety of hues, shapes and sizes. The excitement continues with the onset of night. As the sun sets and darkness hovers over, youngsters continue competing each other in supremacy in the sky, now with the paper lanterns tied to their kite-strings. These lanterns known as tukkal swaying at the mild stroke of wind presents a lovely image while some try to cut off these tukkals and enjoy the fun.

In South India Sankranti is celebrated as Pongal. Pongal is the festival of harvest. This is three days long festival and it is celebrated in the month January. Pongal is a sweet rice dish that is prepared on the occasion of Pongal. On the first day Pongal and prayers are offered to Bhogi for providing rain for the harvest. On the second day Pongal is offered to the sun. Devotees also offer water and flowers to the sun and they pray for spiritual growth and prosperity. On the third day Pongal is offered to cattle in the house.

The third day Kanumu is a day meant for cattle. All cattle are given a bath. They are dressed and decorated with flowers. Horns are painted. Cattle are fed with cooked sweet rice. Some worship cows. In the evening races are conducted for bulls to draw carts and to draw big stones. Heavy prize amounts are awarded to the victorious. Bull fights by young men are in vogue in some part., of the country. Sankranti is a festival of joy and happiness for all.

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