Funny Rajnikanth Jokes SMS Messages Hindi English

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Funny Rajnikanth Jokes SMS Messages Hindi English

Rajnikanth Jokes
Rajnikanth Jokes

Funny Rajnikanth Jokes SMS & Messages

Name: Rajnikanth
Hobbies: Playing with lions, swimming with tsunami, skating in volcano, catching bullets when
Someone shoots, running against flying plane, playing with lightning
The legend of India……

Rajnikant was studying in 3rd STD….
someone stole his rough note….and
Now they call it as ………….Wikipedia
Crazy people!!

Rajnikant started college.
All student were confused while
taking admission because name of college is
“Rajnikant’s Medical College of Engineering for Commerce”.

How did the ‘Dead Sea’ die? It refused to part for Rajnikanth.

Rajnikanth once kicked a horse under its chin. The descendants of that horse are now a new species, Giraffes!

Rajnikanth doesn’t move at the speed of Light. Its Light that tries to move at the speed of Rajnikanth.

Some Facebook Status Updates

Via Samsung,
Apple iPhone,
Apple iPad…..
Rajinikanth Status Update

Mere Paas Gaadi Hai Bangla Hai Bank Balance Hai….
Tumhare Paas Kya Hai..
Mere Paas Rajnikanth Hai….
Chalo Maa Ko Mein Hee Le Jaata Hoon…

Latest Coverage From A News Channel
Air India Flight Meets An Accident With A Kite
Causing In The Death Of All Flight Passengers.
Rajnikanth Was Flying That Kite !!

Frustrated Rajnikant:
“Kuch to
Rehem karo kamino ..!..Ab Ye
Kisne Likha Ki Rajni Jab Chawal Khata
Hai..To Uske bum Se Idli Nikalti

Gabbar : Kitne Aadmi the ?
Kalia : Sarkar 1
Gabbar : Aur tum ?
Kalia : 100
Gabbar : fir b wapas aa gaye woh b khali hath,
kaun tha woh ?
kalia : RAJNIKANT.
Gabbar : Oops ! sorry bhai…

British India KO 1947 m kyu chod k chale gye?
Socho socho.
Thoda or
Kyu ki 1948 m Rajnikant paida hua tha.
Mind it…

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