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2014 Lok Sabha Election of India Dates

2014 Lok Sabha Election of India Dates information & details has been provided here. India is one of the largest democracy country where millions of people residing of all religious. Indian Election Commission is going to arrange a General Election of India in the year 2014. We have also predicted that who is going to win this upcoming election of India. It is also one of the largest election in the World because India has population of more than 1 Billion people with all religious like Hindu, Muslim, Christians, Jains, Sikh and others. So, it will be so much tough election to arrange without any problems.

Most of people wants to know who will win the election of Lok Sabha of India for the year 2014? We are also so much excited to know who will be the king maker in the upcoming election of India. Dates of General Election of India haven’t been declared but we are expecting that it will be arranged after the Union Budget of India for 2014.

Dates of 2014 Lok Sabha Election of India haven’t been declared but we are expecting that election will be held in after March or April to enhance the best facilities and security. Please note that date is not finalized and even not declared but we have predicted dates here as per the latest source.

Let’s wait for the official announcement of 2014 Lok Sabha Election of India Dates and we will update this article with further more information.

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2014 Lok Sabha Election Winners Predictions Poll Survey

2014 Lok Sabha Election Winners Predictions Poll Survey i.e. 2014 General Elections of India Survey Poll information and details has been provided here. Lok Sabha election will be declared in the year of 2014 and millions of people are eagerly waiting for this election because there will be tough fight between two alliance 1. United Progressive Alliance and 2. National Democratic Alliance. Currently we are seeing too much competition between these two parties alliance of National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

Congress has won 2009 Lok Sabha election with full majority and they didn’t given single chance to BJP for making the Government. Time is now changed and Congress is also struggling to make government in 2014 election. BJP is also wants to take away Government from the UPA alliance with the help of Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari and other party leaders. BJP is also suffering from problems of inner politics in their own party between Narendra Modi Vs L K Advani as PM candidate of BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha Election.

UPA is struggling from the scams of various types. So, the path of making another majority with large number of seats is not possible as per these days. While BJP is also trying to make their own increasing seats in the upcoming election of Lok Sabha 2014 but they are also suffering from various scams they have done in the past. Party President Nitin Gadkari name has been involved in the various scams. So, BJP is looking in backfoot in the scam point.

UPA + : 300

NDA + : 244

Total: 544

We have only predicted this values based on national scenario. We hope that information and details given here on 2014 Lok Sabha Election Winners Predictions Poll Survey i.e. 2014 General Elections of India Survey Poll.

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