How to Watch Assam Budget 2016-17 Highlights Speech Live Telecast

Assam is one of the smallest states in India. The capital of the state of Assam is Guwahati. Budget is an important event which plays good role in the development of any state. Most of states people waiting for this moment to know if they are entitled to get more benefits. So, let’s see useful information on Assam Budget 2016-17 and how to watch the live streaming.

Assam Budget
Assam Budget

How to Watch Assam Budget 2016-17 Highlights Speech Live Telecast

Main Sectors for Assam

Education, Agriculture and Industries are three main sectors in the state of Assam which need good fund for the development. Education is the backbone of any state. Most of people in the state expecting to see a good fund allocation in the education sector.

Agriculture is considered as one of the most important sectors in India. A large number of people employed in this sector. So, these are the main sectors in Assam where development required.

Where to Watch Assam Budget 2016-2017 Live Streaming / Telecast Online?

To watch the live streaming / live telecast of Assam budget 2016-2017 online, please visit the official websites of regional/local news channels of Assam. Most of the news channels provide live stream on their official websites as well as official YouTube channels.

Where to Download Assam Budget 2016-2017 PDF file?

The Finance Department of the state Government of Assam. Most of the time, they update their website with the latest information and hence they would provide the final PDF file of Assam Budget 2016-2017.

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