2014 Malayalam Manorama Calendar Holidays Free Download HD Wallpapers

2014 Malayalam Manorama Calendar Holidays Free Download HD Wallpapers information and details has been provided here. A simple Malayalam Calendar for the year 2014. English calendar with Malayalam calendar dates for 2014.

A Malayalam calendar has a total of 12 months, each named after a Zodiac Sign. They are- Chingam, Kanni, Thulam, Vrishchikam, Dhanu, Makaram, Kumbham, Meenam, Medam, Edavam, Midtunam, and Karkadakam. The first month of Chingam, which is named after the Zodiac Sign of Leo or Simham, begins in and around the month of August or September. There are seven days in a week, and twenty seven stars in total with each star representing a group of fourteen days which are called as Njattuvela.

List of Malayalam months

Chingam (Simha)
Kanni (Kanya)
Thulam (Tula)
Vrishchikam (Vrischika)
Dhanu (Dhanu)
Makaram (Makara)
Kumbham (Kumbha)
Meenam (Meena)
Medam (Mesha)
Edavam (Vrishabha)
Mithunam (Mithuna)
Karkadakam (Karka)

Anyone can download Malayalam calendar from the Drikpanchag website which is www.drikpanchang.com/malayalam/malayalam-month-calendar.html‎

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